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Transfer or register any domain at
and get the Smart plan hosting for free.
The offer is valid for all domain zones supported by the company.
You can see the list of zones and choose a domain by following the link

Every domain needs hosting, so we will give it to you for free

When you register or transfer any domain to Cityhost you get full-fledged hosting for one website at Smart plan.

5GB of space

This disk space is enough
to host the website

5 mailboxes

You'll be able to create an email address
and use it


The plan allows you to create and host
two databases for your website

HTTP/2, PHP 5.2-8.0
PHP memory_limit: 256MB

SSL cертифікат, PageSpeed,
Support 24/7

Wordpress, Opencart,
Joomla та інші CMS

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How to get free hosting

To get free hosting, you need to register a new or transfer an existing domain to Cityhost. For detailed instructions on how to get free hosting, check out the video.

Cityhost - 15 years of experience in hosting and registering
domain names

We are the official UA domain registrar. Our servers are located in
in Tier3 Data Centers and higher in three countries: Ukraine, Germany and Finland.



We use only proven and
professional equipment
of well-known brands: Dell, HP, Cisco.



All servers are connected to an intelligent
monitoring system and are constantly monitored by qenlified administrators.


SSD and NVMe drives only

The servers use SSD and NVMe drives, which significantly speeds up the work of the websites.


Software acceleration of websites

Clients can use applications and modules such as memcached, opcache, redis and pagespeed from Google.


Control panel

We use a hosting control panel
developed by our company. It has great functionality and a user-friendly interface.


CMS Autoinstallation

Hosting has an auto-installer for popular CMS. You can install Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and
other systems in two clicks.


clients do not pay for hosting. Join!

Free hosting from Cityhost - full analogue of paid service

Our free hosting is not like the others. We have no ads, you can pick up your website files at any time, or you can change your plan if needed.

How much you can save by using Cityhost free hosting

Register or transfer a domain to our service and get hosting at Smart plan for 1 year for free.

498,96 ₴

Smart plan per year

0 ₴

Your price

498,96 ₴


Отличный провайдер. Много лет работаю именно с Cityhost. За эти годы, компания сделали феноменальный скачек. Сегодня очень удобный кабинет пользователя, прекрасно работает поддержка и приятные бонусы, постоянным клиентам.

Андрей Панченко

Сотрудничаю с CityHost уже несколько лет и ни разу мои вопросы и проблемы не остались нерешенными. Исключительные внимание и корректность, чувствуется, что обслуживают не для "галочки". Мне импонирует их стиль работы и при каждом удобном случае всегда рекомендую в качестве надежного хостинга. Спасибо за сервис!


1500 днів співпраці,більше двох десятків доменів! Жодних проблем! Техпідтримка швидка! А ці чудові акції як недавня з це супер,купив три адреси) Дякую вам,бажаю успіху!





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Average uptime

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for a domain transfer, you must obtain a transfer code from your current registrar. The code (AUTH-CODE) is a secret key for transferring a domain. It can consist of numbers and letters.

The registrar may request the name and identifier of our company. Our name is FLP Rivtin M.L. (CityHost LLC or TOV CITYHOST). Our identifier is UA.CITYHOST.
In addition, an application (in electronic or written form) may be required, as well as a document proving your identity. The procedure may vary depending on the zone or registrar.

The standard transfer procedure takes up to 5 days from the time you submit the application. Once you submit it, we will ask the transfer from the current registrar. Next, the current registrar has to confirm the transfer.

According to the rules, only the current owner of a domain may transfer it. This means that you can only transfer your own domain to us.

Provided the application is submitted by the real owner who follows the procedure, there should be no grounds for refusal. Some registrars specify that the domain must be active (the domain is not overdue).

To get free hosting, you must register (transfer) a domain in any of our supported domain zones. For a complete list of zones follow this link.

The Smart plan allows you to host only one website. But you can transfer or register several domains and get free hosting for each of them.

In most domain zones, there is a mandatory condition, namely, the domain renewal for 1 year at the time of the transfer. In this case the service will be extended for 1 year in advance of the current expiration date. For example, if the domain is active until 01.12.2021, upon transfer it will be extended to 01.12.2022.

The cost of domain name renewal during transfer depends on the domain zone. For a complete list of supported domain zones and their renewal costs when transferring please follow this link.

You can get free hosting by registering any domain or by transferring your existing domain to Cityhost.

You can get free hosting in the "Smart" tariff. It includes:

  • disk space – 5000 MB;
  • possibility to place 1 site;
  • free SSL certificate;
  • 5 mailboxes;
  • 2 MySQL databases;
  • number of inodes (files) – 75,000 pieces;
  • PHP memory_limit – 256 MB;
  • automatic CMS installation;
  • PHP – 5.2-8.0;
  • HTTP / 2;
  • 24/7 support.

According to the plan, it can serve only one website. If you have several websites, you can transfer all the domains and order a free plan for each of them. The same applies to ordering new domains. One domain - one hosting for free.

Free hosting is available for 12 months starting from the date of it\’s reception.

After the end of the free hosting period, you can pay for it at the standard cost and continue to use the service.

Yes, you can switch from the Smart plan to any of the available plans at any time. In this case you only need to pay the difference (the system will consider free hosting as paid).

There are no pitfalls. Everything is clear and transparent. You just get one year of Smart plan for free when you transfer or register a domain. Maintenance is provided on a common basis as part of the plan.

To get free hosting, you need to register a domain in any of the available zones. For a full list of available zones for registration please follow this link.

All domains are registered to the client, to the data that you specify during registration.

The minimum registration period for a domain is 1 year. In most domain zones you can register a domain for up to 10 years.

You can pay for services in different ways - by card, via Privat24, with a bank receipt or using payment services.

In almost all domain zones, renewal takes place one year in advance of the current expiration date. In some zones, the domain transfer takes place without renewal. In this case, you will not have to pay anything, but the domain registration period will not be extended.

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